Friday, December 5, 2014

Not So Greats of the Game

Probably everyone reading this went to school with the guy who was going to be the next Hank Aaron. I don't know the exact number of high school athletes in the U.S., but I would guess it's pretty high. I believe I have a unique perspective on this because I coached high school sports for nearly ten years. I have seen many of those star athletes fizzle out through the years. All for various reasons. Some because they simply didn't have the talent and others because they didn't have the dedication. Major League rosters are filled with very talented guys who ride the pine day after day. Some of them are victims of circumstance (being Joe Morgan's backup for example) and others just don't have the talent to be everyday players in the Major Leagues. One thing can't be disputed though, they all are very passionate about their craft. This post is dedicated to all of those guys that work hard everyday for nothing more than the privilege of saying, "I am a Major League baseball player." Here is are some of my favorite Not So Greats of the Game please comment below with your favorites and as always don't forget to visit my website and like me on Facebook.